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Day: 1 Why should you read this…?

Because I’ll be going from basics to all out. I will tell you all about website and everything that goes in. I have ton of knowledge and i can’t wait to save it here. Hopefully in a way that makes sense to other people such as yourself. Welcome Aboard.


Since this is the first post I think I rather do something important here.

Here Goes:

the things that are needed for making a website are…:

  1. Idea (service/product/information)
  2. Domain Name
  3. Hosting
  4. Apache -Server side software
  5. Php -Server Side Scripting Language
  6. Html
  7. Css
  8. Javascript/Jquery
  9. Graphic Design

I’ll go over all of this here or later…

The things you need to consider about whether your website is business worthy:

  1. Cost Spent > Likely & Possible Profit + How much and when.
  2. Competition & Uniqueness
  3. Market Saturation & Future Dynamics
  4. Marketing/Socialization.
  5. What is a Start Up & Guide.

Other things that I’d also would like to go over are:


How to make money through advertising and other ways.



If you are reading this and there is not much on the site, then I appologize. Just bookmark it, and soon I’ll be uploading stuff constantly. 


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