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My Top “X” SublimeText Tips/Plugins/Workflows!

Efficiency is what shows experience, using internet a beginner can accomplish lots of things as experienced Dev. But it’s gonna take longer, be inefficient, and weak solution that just barely works in common conditions.

One of the things that can increase efficiency is understanding your toolset. I use Sublime Text and I’m going to share few tips that should tremendously make lots of things easier.

Warning: if you’re new to something practice it, instead of taking shortcuts from get go for apparent reasons.


  1. Emmetjs
    A Emmetjs is plugin available in many editors and even in online editors like codepen, and jsfiddle. It increases your speed of writing Html and Css.Example:p


    ul>li{item $}*5




  2. GitGutter
    Shows what has been staged and removed in current commit.
  3. BeautifyRuby
    Formats Ruby code so it looks consistent
  4. Git
    Lets you run git commands inside SublimeText


Know some shortcuts


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