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One tip for discovering problems and thinking ideas

To me there are very few good advices on how to think of good ideas, especially for starting a business or startup. My top favorite advices has been

  • follow your curiosity not passion.
  • solve problems you have thus you solve problems people similar to you, it’s somewhat validated since you are having it.
  • look at macro trends and choose ideas from that category.
  • solve problem in field you have been exposed to, (especially true for b2b).
  • be in the business, interaction with customer teaches a lot.

I think difficulty in coming up with good ideas is simply the lack of information. Bird eye view is needed, but we are not even on the ground. If we knew how the world works, we would know how many types of businesses are being ran, coming into existence and which will clearly show us where is world headed, where it’s lacking.

But I don’t know of a way to find such a method that would allow access to such information reliably and thoroughly. At best you get incomplete glimpses and base hypothesis on that. But I recently had success with one strategy to compensate for that a bit.

Think at a Grand Scale

Whenever trying to come up with a possible problem for unknown industry, business, market segment. Think of them not as just 1, but try to imagine 25000 of them and see how your value offering help and what else could be of help even more. There are things that stand out immediately on grand scale of even hypothetical customers, that you might have hard time noticing at 1 customer at a time.

People usually know more than they think they do. So even without much experience there is a chance you will discover something by reflecting on bigger picture, and if turns out that’s not the case, you will still learn deeper wisdom about things, guaranteed.


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