Thoughts on Thinking better

i have been thinking about growing tendency to be exploring only negative aspects (edited)

one thing that i have noticed has made a huge difference is to stay alert of me me me mindset

great ideas come from understanding problems really well and rethinking perspective

but if mind is focused on oneself, then the problems get reduced to what your immediate problems are and immediate problems are often with lowest perspective

so reduction in wisdom not only comes through lack of diversity in problems and their total numbers but also lack of perspective. double hit (edited)

reflecting on last year. I had tried to come up with idea with what i know about world, fully aware i know little. I’ve always thought about what “I” can do or person in my place can do or how world should be. This approach has resulted in few ideas, but ultimately it produce lot of made up ideas for problems probably not so significant or problems that need to be validated to even have some faith. This is still better from some years ago, where i used to have lot of faith in my made up ideas, as faith was the only thing keeping idea alive, especially good feeling idea was very rare to come due to even more severe lack of understanding of problems in software world. (edited)

but working at  current company problems their client are facing seems so real. Problems the clients will pay for. There is no need to think of 10 reasons this might be real problem or 10 reasons it is the best solution. The reality is there, simple SaaS software is needed, needed so much.

Conclusion, is that it’d be immensely helpful if i explore problems people have more than problems i have. Find big problems. (note2self: how to find big problems?) Then solve them. Just as paulgraham said be startup to get ideas about startup.

to understand what i meant, think of this analogy: there is fire, and you burn your hand, now all you think is omg i burnt my hand. it’s gonna leave a scar, i shouldn’t have done that, my hand needs treatment, why am i stuck in here, what hospital can i go now…i hope my hands heals fast… this is bs, i cant believe this happened, i am gonna tell how much it’s that person fault, i should have listened to, i wont be here if it wasn’t for her. etc…. all about i, my, me. What if perspective is changed a little bit:

how did the fire start.

what else is about to happen.

Where is exit.

this thinking is trying to understand world from bird eye perspective beyond you.

and probably will save your LIFE and of others


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