Thoughts on Thinking better

i have been thinking about growing tendency to be exploring only negative aspects (edited) one thing that i have noticed has made a huge difference is to stay alert of me me me mindset great ideas come from understanding problems really well and rethinking perspective but if mind is focused on oneself, then the problems … Continue reading Thoughts on Thinking better


Startup is like multivariable calculus

There are often of many solutions, some better than other. Startup's goal is to find one of the solutions. And hope is to find the best one. If you look at startup it's not fire-aim-load, it's aim-load-fire. Not even load-aim-fire. Startup doesn't know Who its customers are. What its product should be like. Startup is … Continue reading Startup is like multivariable calculus

Blackbox source files to make debugging easier.

Like everyone, you get bugs in your application code. You start debugging, but when you step through your code line-by-line, the debugger sometimes jumps into a source file that's not your code like JQuery. I'm sure you've experienced the annoyance of stepping through the library code before getting back to your own application code. The … Continue reading Blackbox source files to make debugging easier.